TurboTax CD/Download versions and SnapTax for tax year 2014
are NETFILE certified.

CRA’s NETFILE service reopens for tax years 2013 and 2014 on February 9th!

Using TurboTax Online? Check back here for NETFILE status updates.

NETFILE is the fast and easy way to file your taxes on the internet.

NETFILE is a FREE, secure electronic tax-filing option, provided by the CRA. The NETFILE service allows you to file your personal income tax return directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using the Internet... if you're using a NETFILE-certified product, like TurboTax.

When you use NETFILE, you:

  • Can get your refund fast - in as few as eight business days1
  • Save paper — you won't need to print off your tax return
  • Get immediate confirmation that the CRA has received your return
Quicker Refund
File Online

How does NETFILE work exactly?

First, you prepare your tax return with any of TurboTax Software solutions.

Then, when you complete your return, TurboTax will prompt you to choose to file online with NETFILE. You simply accept the invitation, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

As of tax year 2012, the CRA no longer requires that taxpayers have a NETFILE Access code to use NETFILE:

The Canada Revenue Agency has eliminated the requirements for the NETFILE Web Access Code (WAC). The WAC was the four-digit personalized code printed on the information sheet of the T1 personal income tax return package. You will still be able to use NETFILE to file your 2012 individual Income tax and benefit returns. The only information you now required, to access NETFILE, is your Date of Birth (DOB) and your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Only 20 tax returns per computer

NETFILE now limits the number of returns you can file to 20 max.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)  limits all NETFILE-certified tax preparation software products in Canada to a maximum of 20 returns filed per computer or online account. This means that whether you file on paper, or online, you have to adhere to the limit of 20 returns - regardless of your income level.

ProFile Basic Product Boxshot

More Than 20 Returns?

You can file online with EFILE instead.

If you have over 20 returns to complete, we have a solution for you: ProFile T1. ProFile T1 features unlimited returns and EFILE, an online filing solution of the CRA that is similar to NETFILE but made for professional tax preparers. ProFile T1 has replaced TurboTax Pro 50 and 100, so if you're looking for a multiple return solution, click here to learn more about ProFile T1.